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For this one i specially wrote for you guys

Thank you very much for the birthday wishes. May all of them become true :)

I will share my happiness to you, i will write here.

My friends and i were not talking from 9th January. And i really sad, my chatting-friend was just Nico.
Day by dayss i get confused. I cry so hard, my eyes looks red, and my nose also. For me it's too bad, i really miss talking with them. Every time i near them, they just walk away :p

Actually, i now that they will give me birthday surprise buttttt, it's too hurt maaaannnnn HAHAHAHAHA you dont know that feeling until it happens to you.

and for finally 15 of January came.. no one i  #24 says 'happy birthday' to me.. i was so sad..............
I cry so hard when vicky try to chill with me..... i just can accept that HAHAHAHAHA so sorry to vicky for have been shouting at you :3

i have extra subject on that day, my eyes red caused by thay hard-cry hahahahaaaa i'm so shyyy hahaha :p

i leave class alo…

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